"Crystall Ball" and "@Risk" Users using Gnumeric

I am dual booting Ubuntu and Windows XP in my laptop. As an "analyst" I build my spreadsheet models (including random numbers) in Gnumeric in Ubuntu, then I revert back to Windows XP so I could run my model in Crystal Ball (Excel add-in). I was able to cope in a way that probability distributions of inputs and their correlations are embedded in the model--thus I can easily build a spreadsheet model in Gnumeric. The only use for Crystal Ball is for me to capture the distribution of the OUTPUT and study how it is distributed.

This is my question:

Is it possible to capture the set of outputs in a particular cell in Gnumeric, and study them later? For instance, a cell will generate a new output after I press F9 because a new set of random numbers are generated.  Using the Gnumeric simulation tool will give the mean, variance etc, but I need the final outputs, that is output per trial, so I could study how they are distributed.

Thanks in advance.


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