Re: Excel Test Files

Morten Welinder schrieb:

We are aware of these.  Note, that last we looked at them, the only reason that
Softmaker did well was that they cheated: Softmaker used the precomputed
values in the files and was unable to compute those itself.

I call bullshit unless you unless you can corroborate that. ;-)

_Of course_ PlanMaker uses the precomputed values from the .xls file, like any spreadsheet should do. But you can always press F9 to update the calculations and charts, and the values won't change.

If your experience is different, I'd be interested in hearing specific descriptions.

BTW, you complain that PlanMaker cannot calculate the sample files. John reports that our files were saved by PlanMaker itself and stretched what he expected in his routines. These two claims are mutually exclusive.

Martin Kotulla
SoftMaker Software GmbH

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