Re: Excel Test Files

John Machin schrieb:

Please let me introduce myself: As well as being a user of Gnumeric, I'm also the author/maintainer of xlrd, a Python package for programatically extracting data from XLS files.

In addition to what Morten wrote: those files appear to have been written by Softmaker, not by Excel. They are also a test of how tolerant XLS readers are when faced with XLS files that *don't* quite match what Excel would write. [...]

Thank you for these specific reports. I have forwarded them to our developers. Let's see what they can do to make PlanMaker files more amenable to your routines.

Of course, as you are most certainly aware, there is a wide range of file format variations that Excel has written over the years. Our files are within that spectrum, and Excel and have no problem opening them. So, use them as yet another test case for how flexible your code must be. Be liberal in what you accept... :-)

Martin Kotulla
SoftMaker Software GmBH

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