Re: gnumeric: very unstable (unusable) for 64 bits

Jody Goldberg escreveu:
On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 07:11:16PM +0100, Paulo da Silva wrote:
I am using gnumeric (currently 1.7.11 on linux) on my laptop x86.
It is working pretty well for a test version with some bugs here and
there but easy to turn around.

What version of goffice ?
** (gnumeric:10482): WARNING **: unknown type 'GogHistogramPlot'
There are two issues here

1) The plugins are not being loaded properly.  This likely relates
   to the .gnumericrc problem you mentioned too.

2) Gnumeric is crashing when it hits an unknown type.  I thought
   that was fixed...  
There must be something else ... it *always* works on 32 bits machine.
Besides, the data is produced by a python program (numbers and strings
to a csv file) and it feeds the gnumeric "book" the same way on 32 or 64
bits machines. It only crashes the 64 bits however.

Please get this into bugzilla, and someone with a 64bit machine will
have a look.

I'll do that. Thanks.

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