Re: Excel moving to 1 million rows (was Re: Maximal number of comments - problems and a request)

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 04:37:18PM +0100, John Gill wrote:
I saw the other day that Excel 2007 will support 1million rows.

I seem to recall that one reason that gnumeric is not compiled by 
default to support more rows was how to deal with writing out a file for 
excel in the case when there are more than 64k rows.

I'm curious if anyone has tried gnumeric with this sort of size and what 
sort of excitement we are all in for when the new Excel comes out?

It's been tested (1.7.0 has basic office12 import/export) We need a
patch to gtk but other than that things work pretty much out of the
box.  We're going to be working to shrink the memory footprint
before enabling the new size by default, but it will go in for 2.0.

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