Maximal number of comments - problems and a request

Hi all.
I needed to recompile Gnumeric with more than 256 columns. So, I
modified SHEET_MAX_COLS in gnumeric.h and recompiled.
At this point, I hit a snag in 
gnumeric-canvas.c:1285 #error We need a better solution to the rtl event
kludge with SHEET_MAX_COLS so large.

My request is:
Would it be possible (probably in Gnumeric 1.8, but not the 1.6 series)
to have the maximal number of columns (and rows) simply limited by
memory constraints (endianess)? I would like the maximal number to be
virtually unlimited, but have the DEFAULT number of columns in a new
sheet to be a run-time input (via Gconf).
If I decide to open a sheet that is larger than the default, but still
smaller than the maximum, Gnumeric should open it without problems.
Likewise if I add a column/row when I've reached the default, I would
like the sheet to grow.

If this is possible, please tell me if you want me to file a bug request
on this feature. If it isn't, can you explain why please?

One bug:
When trying to add a column, Gnumeric doesn't give any warning that
non-blank cells are about to be pushed off the edge of the sheet. Is
this known, or should I open it in Bugzilla?


Uri David Akavia

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