Re: Maximal number of comments - problems and a request

gnumeric-canvas.c:1285 #error We need a better solution to the rtl event
kludge with SHEET_MAX_COLS so large.

Change that to #warning.  (Which it is in cvs HEAD.)

My request is:
Would it be possible (probably in Gnumeric 1.8, but not the 1.6 series)
to have the maximal number of columns (and rows) simply limited by
memory constraints (endianess)?

We could make it per-workbook settable given enough work.  There
would be some problem with the canvas widget and it's anyone's
guess whether the data structures would degenerate in practice.

If this is possible, please tell me if you want me to file a bug request
on this feature. If it isn't, can you explain why please?

There might be one, but everyone is well aware of this issue.

One bug:
When trying to add a column, Gnumeric doesn't give any warning that
non-blank cells are about to be pushed off the edge of the sheet. Is
this known, or should I open it in Bugzilla?

There already is a bug for that.


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