Re: my spellbook isn't working

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 17:20 -0400, Sven Crouse wrote:
Hi list.  When I try to use a function from 
~/.gnumeric/1.4.3/plugins/myfuncs the cell displays "Function 
Implementation not available."  I've followed the help example and even 
tried duplicating some of the included functions 
(/usr/lib/gnumeric/plugins....).  Can somebody help me to realize what 
is happening ?  Included below are relevant files:

Presumably, you're really running 1.4.3.


Looks good.


Did you really name it rocket.xml? Should be

from Gnumeric import GnumericError GnumericErrorVALUE
Lacks a comma. Should be
from Gnumeric import GnumericError, GnumericErrorVALUE
import Gnumeric
import string

def func_add(num1, num2)
Lacks a colon. Should be
def func_add(num1, num2):

If you start gnumeric from a terminal window, you'll see python error
messages there (provided that the file is named correctly, so that
python finds it.

example_functions = {
        'py_add': func_add

OK, but you're claiming that your function takes an arbitrary number of
arguments. Either rewrite func_add to make this true, or declare a
function of 2 arguments:

example_functions = {
        'py_add': ('ff', 'num1, num2', func_add)

Good luck

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