my spellbook isn't working

Hi list. When I try to use a function from ~/.gnumeric/1.4.3/plugins/myfuncs the cell displays "Function Implementation not available." I've followed the help example and even tried duplicating some of the included functions (/usr/lib/gnumeric/plugins....). Can somebody help me to realize what is happening ? Included below are relevant files:

<plugin id="Gnumeric_MyFuncPlugin">
               <name>My Local Python functions</name>
<description>Sample Python plugin providing some (useless) functions.</description>
       <loader type="Gnumeric_PythonLoader:python">
               <attribute value="rocket" name="module_name"/>
               <service type="function_group" id="example">
                       <category>Local Python</category>
                               <function name="py_add"/>

from Gnumeric import GnumericError GnumericErrorVALUE
import Gnumeric
import string

def func_add(num1, num2)
       return num1 + num2

example_functions = {
       'py_add': func_add

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