Re: question about Gnumeric XML format

Try renaming the file to whatever.gnumeric.gz

It is an xml file compressed with gzip.

On Tue, 2005-09-20 at 20:00 +0200, Henry Proudhon wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm now converted to Gnumeric, thanks for the good work.
I've a maybe stupid question.

I usually write my programs in Java. Thus I've started to use JWorkBook 
(from to export some Gnumeric spreadSheets and it work very well.
JWorkBook produce pure XML files which I understand as the Gnumeric 
default format. The problem I have is when I open such a file with 
Gnumeric and re-save it, it is then a binary file and I cannot open it 
anymore with an XML viewer.
I wanted to add some features to JWorkBook to fit my needs and it makes 
it difficult cause I do not know so much about the gnumeric format (so far).

Any advice or pointer will be appreciated, thanks



Henry Proudhon
Postdoc Fellow
Materials Engineering
The University of British Columbia
309-3650 Stores Road
V6T-1Z4 Vancouver B.C. (Canada)

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