Re: Array formulas, piecewise functions

Stephen R Laniel wrote:
On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 06:34:50PM +0100, Oliver Burnett-Hall wrote:



Have you tested that formula in Excel?  I'd be very surprised if it worked.

I've not tested it. But it does seem syntactically valid,
right? If not, where did I mess up the syntax?

You've got it inside out.

Breaking it down, you start off by creating two 30,000 element arrays of booleans from the expressions '$g$2:$g$30000>=h2' and '$g$2:$g$30000<h3'.

You then combine this in using an AND function. AND converts its arguments to booleans; I've no idea what happens when you try and convert an array of booleans to a boolean - you'll probably get an error.

The result of this AND function - TRUE, FALSE or error - is then put in the IF function, giving you a result of 1, 0 or an error. And you then sum this result.

I don't think the final result is the one you were looking for :)

- olly

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