Re: Array formulas, piecewise functions

Stephen R Laniel wrote:
1) I'm familiar with array formulas from Excel, such that
one can do formulas like



It shares a lot of similarities, apparently, with Excel's
array formulas, but it's not working for me. How do I have
to change the Excel formula to make it work in Gnumeric?


This works in Excel too.

2) I have a piecewise function defined as follows:

f(t) = (1/2)t^2         , 0 < t < 1
     = -(t^2 - 3t + 3/2), 1 < t < 2
     = (1/2)(3-t)^2     , 2 < t < 3
     = 0                  elsewhere

In Excel, assuming t was in column A, I'd do something like


It's a mess, but that's what I'd do.

I can't get that to work in Gnumeric; it's returning FALSE
or TRUE when it should be returning a value.

This looks okay. If you're getting TRUE or FALSE then I guess you're missing some arguments to one of the IF functions - double-check them to make sure all of them have three arguments (test, if-true, if-false).

If you can't see anything wrong, post the complete function here.


- olly

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