Re: Array formulas, piecewise functions

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 06:43:59PM +0100, Oliver Burnett-Hall wrote:

This works in Excel too.

I completely forgot about that approach, but it works great.
Thanks so much for reminding me of it.

Why doesn't


work? It should, right?

This looks okay.  If you're getting TRUE or FALSE then I guess you're 
missing some arguments to one of the IF functions - double-check them to 
 make sure all of them have three arguments (test, if-true, if-false).

Ah. I had just failed to include a default case when none of
the IFs were true. When I added that in, all was fixed.

Thanks very much for your help. If I may toss in one
unrelated question here: I can't figure out how to add
x-axis data to a chart. I thought that selecting both the
x-axis column and the y-axis one would do the job, but
Gnumeric treats both columns as data series, and numbers the
x-axis with the number of data points. What am I missing?

Thanks very much,

Stephen R. Laniel
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