Re: strange problem with konqueror after setting gnumeric as default for xls files

Sorry I managed to de-associate folder of gnumeric. Sometimes, writing down the problem make the solution to pop up... I did the association of xls files with gnumeric again and no problem, I most likely did a mistake last time.


Hi Everyone,

Something strange happened to me, I'm running Mandriva 10.2 with KDE.
xls files were opened by calc by default and I tried to change that. After associating gnumeric with xls files, Konqueror acts strangely:

if I double click on a directory or a file (say /home/user/ for instance) I get the gnumeric error message: /home/user is not a regular file, then gnumeric starts with an empty speradsheet.

I can still access directories by typing in the adress bar of konqueror.

If I remember correctly I did Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> File Association -> msexcel -> Add Gnumeric
Removing Gnumeric from here do not solve the problem...

Any help will be very much appreciated cause this is very annoying and I'm not (yet :-) ) a linux guru...

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