strange problem with konqueror after setting gnumeric as default for xls files

Hi Everyone,

Something strange happened to me, I'm running Mandriva 10.2 with KDE.
xls files were opened by calc by default and I tried to change that. After associating gnumeric with xls files, Konqueror acts strangely:

if I double click on a directory or a file (say /home/user/ for instance) I get the gnumeric error message: /home/user is not a regular file, then gnumeric starts with an empty speradsheet.

I can still access directories by typing in the adress bar of konqueror.

If I remember correctly I did Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> File Association -> msexcel -> Add Gnumeric
Removing Gnumeric from here do not solve the problem...

Any help will be very much appreciated cause this is very annoying and I'm not (yet :-) ) a linux guru...


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