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On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 22:49:51 -0400
Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org> wrote:

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 10:37:12PM -0400, weintrau nucmar physics fsu edu wrote:
trying to install gnumeric on a scientific linux 4.1 version. 
configure: error: Package requirements (
        gtk+-2.0                >= 2.6.0
        libglade-2.0            >= 2.3.6
        libgnomeprint-2.2       >= 2.8.2
        libgnomeprintui-2.2     >= 2.8.2
        libart-2.0              >= 2.3.11
) were not met.

Looks like it's called gtk2

I recently had occasion to build gnumeric  (1.4.3) on a Solaris 7 box used as a spectrometer controller.  The 
dependency tree is a bit daunting, but possible.  Details available (I took careful notes) - mailto:Norm 
Reitzel utsa edu

For me, the most difficult piece to resolve was a very old (ancient) X running on solaris, and the 
requirement for XFt and XRender.  The newest versions of render support even old versions of X by drawing 
characters - which is pretty, but very slow, the point being that I'd gladly accept a little less "look good" 
for being able to bypass the advanced rendering and anti-alias, that requires me to build a font server and 
an entire set of fonts, and the entire tree to support such.

I believe this is a GTK2 "feature" (which explains the cross post)(apologies) but I can't be the only person 
who has this particular difficulty with paleohardware.  If my very expensive instrumentation would run on a 
more modern package, I'd dump it and it's associated problems in a nanosecond.

-- Norm Reitzel (UTSA, Instrument Coordinator)
which is not exactly modern.  It seems like a Fedora/RH derivative
which explains the lack of gnumeric.  Leaving gnumeric out seems
like an odd choice for a distribution targeting science.
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