Re: operations on (X,Y) series

Le mercredi 02 novembre 2005 à 16:51 +0100, Frederic Parrenin a écrit :
Hi Jean,

I would like to do various operations on (x_i,y_i) series in gnumeric,
- resampling, by simple interpolation or by integration, with a linear,
spline or staircase interpolant
- filtring by various methods
- smoothing by various methods
- fitting
- principal components
- Periodogram
- etc.

Do you want to implement that in sheets, in graphs, or both?
Both sheets and graphs have already more regressions than linear.

I thought in sheets.

OK, but I feel many of them would be nice in graphs too.

There is one specific thing I would like to do in graphs.
It is a visual correlation tool for two XY series. With that tool, you
can stretch the X-scale of a serie to fit with another serie.
This tool is available in a free software called AnalySeries,
unfortunately only available on the Mac.

This might be possible with two x-axis. It might be possible to adjust
one of the axis scale (I mean automatically adjust, not by hand, of

This software also do the various math operations on XY series I
described above. Its author (Didier Paillard) is a colleague/friend of
me, so we could collaborate with him.
For example, we could extract the math from AnalySeries into a library
and use it in this gnumeric plugin.

The code must be release under the GPL.

I hopee we can collaborate on that. I'm interested by these features

Very good!
I think I can understand and write the math algorithms, but I am a
newbie in terms of UI programming.

I can probably also do some work on the maths (although I did not made
much maths during the last 30 years).

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