Re: [devel] GOCollab, Peer-to-Peer collaborative document preperation.

Hi Martin,

I'm puzzled. It seems like you are talking about
things getting out of sync as if it were either
acceptable or unavoidable.

There are ways of coordinating activity so that
nothing gets out of sync.  One simple one goes back to
my kindergarden days - you must be the only person in
the room holding a particular token before you can
talk. When you're done talking, you give that token
back to the teacher so that someone else can talk. But
there are other solutions to this problem too.

I'd hate to see us create a mess for ourselves (and
our users), especially when solutions to the problem
are known in advance.

This message is also puzzingly cross-posted.


Hi Dom,
        I announced this with the aim of inducing feedback. I think the
token passing scheme is a good idea. It might produce an
acceptable lag for widely dispersed people on the internet. You
still have the problem of potentially several people asking for
the token within the latency of the internet. Who gets the token?
I guess it could decided on the basis of priority.

I've restricted the reply to gnome-office apps since they're the primary
audience for this. I announced it to gnome-hackers because I thought it
was interesting enough for a wide audience.



--- Martin Sevior <msevior physics unimelb edu au>

On Sun, 2005-05-15 at 00:10 +0200, Sven Herzberg
Am Samstag, den 14.05.2005, 20:20 +1000 schrieb
msevior physics unimelb edu au:
Here is the link to the document.

You will need AbiWord-2.2 in order to read this.

Hi all,

  read this document. This topic is a very
interesting one as I thought
about that topic too, but I have one important
question about collision

Imagine Alice and Bob are editing this Text:

Micrsoft Office is great.

Alice replaces "Micrsoft" by "GNOME" while Bob
tries to fix the typo.
How should conflicts like these be
detected/organized and solved?

I thought about this. Ultimately this can only be
solved by social
engineering. If Alice and Bob have conflicting ideas
about what the
sentence says, they have to work them out. The
important thing is for
the application to not crash and to remain in synch
while Alice and Bob
have they're argument.

One solution is to designate users a priority. If
Alice has a priority
greater than Bob and if change records arrive that
show they're out of
synch and if they conflict, then Alice's Change
Record's win.

The act of replacing Microsft with GNOME in AbiWord
actually requires 2
change records. (One to delete (8 chars) Micrsoft
and one to insert
If Bob makes his change before he sees Alice's, her
change record
(removing Micrsoft and replacing it with GNOME),
will arrive and
"notice" the synchronization problem (the uid of
hers do not come after
the uid's of Bob's). Bob has inserted an extra
character in the middle
of her delete. Since Bob's change is in the middle
of her change
record's, Bob's change is undone and her's applied

When Bob's Change record arrives at Alice, his
change record is "Insert
"o" at location 6". The translation code will see
that there is problem.
The text around this location has been changed by
Alice. But Bob has a
lower priority than Alice so his changes are
discarded and Alice's
changes win.

Then both documents end up like Alice's and the
documents stay in synch.

This sort of conflict only happens if the changes
occur within the
internet lag time and if the changes occur in the
same place in the

However I'm sure something will go wrong at some
time so we will also
need a "resynch" button that will resynch the
peer-to-peer network with
the document of the user with the highest priority.
Our challenge will
be to make the need for a re-synch as infrequent as



Clearly these will be out of synch.

I can't think how to automatically recover from
this. I'd love to hear
of better ideas
At this point the two authors have to re-synch their
documents and carry

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