Re: File extension when saving


Sorry you are having an unpleasant experience.

What I understand of your email, Gnumeric seems to be acting correctly. 

The first file appears to have an extension, that is the file ends with
a dot and followed by a small number of characters (one). Gnumeric sees
the dot-three, takes it to be an extension, recognizes that such an
extension is unusual for the xml format gnumeric uses, and therefore
warns the user. 

The second file does not appear to have any extension and therefore
Gnumeric adds the correct extension for this file type. This behaviour
has been examined extensively and the developers consistently have felt
that having gnumeric silently add the extension is the best compromise.

If you feel differently, please feel free to voice your opinion in the
best place to bring about change. File a bug in, but
add some detail as to what you would expect in each situation. If you
also discuss other corner cases, your bug is more likely to generate
useful discussion. 

However, please realize that the developers have thought extensively
about this situation, and have come to agree upon the current
compromise. They are therefore unlikely to change their mind without a
well presented, logical, and comprehensive bug report. Also, I'd
encourage you to drop the "this is the most broken behaviour I've ever
seen" tone since that's likely simply to turn off those who make the

best of luck,

On Sat, 2005-03-26 at 12:49 +1000, Alan E. Davis wrote:
Gnumeric exhibits a troubling behavior when saving files.  The
following two files received different treatment:

    1.  masterfile.3
    2.  masterfile-3

File #1: received a message that the extension does not match the file

File #2: saved with the .gnumeric extension,without complaint or

Is this a gnome behavior?  I think not, because other programs do not
do this.  This seems to me to be a derrier-garde bug, not a feature. 
Reminds me of years gone by when I used windoze.  

I really like to use various ploys in writing long filenames that I can
remember, usually with multiple suffixes.  In NO OTHER program, in the
ten years of using GNU/Linux, has this behavior been encountered.  May
I request either assistance and explanation, or, better, to do away
with this terrible "bug".

Alan Davis
aedavis eccomm com

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