File extension when saving

Gnumeric exhibits a troubling behavior when saving files.  The
following two files received different treatment:

    1.  masterfile.3
    2.  masterfile-3

File #1: received a message that the extension does not match the file

File #2: saved with the .gnumeric extension,without complaint or

Is this a gnome behavior?  I think not, because other programs do not
do this.  This seems to me to be a derrier-garde bug, not a feature. 
Reminds me of years gone by when I used windoze.  

I really like to use various ploys in writing long filenames that I can
remember, usually with multiple suffixes.  In NO OTHER program, in the
ten years of using GNU/Linux, has this behavior been encountered.  May
I request either assistance and explanation, or, better, to do away
with this terrible "bug".

Alan Davis
aedavis eccomm com

    A non-free program systematically denies the users the freedom to
    cooperate; it is the basis of an antisocial scheme to dominate
    people.     --Richard M. Stallman

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