Macro control of Gnumeric?

Hello All:

First, let me thank all of you who contribute to the Gnumeric project. I have been using the pre-compiled version of 1.4.3 RC1 for windows and it works on my toughest spreadsheets.

I have searched the Gnumeric manual and the archives of this list and found very little regarding macro control. In fact, the most relevant post I found was from July of 2001 and the reply (by Jody) suggested that macros were something to be added. As far as I can tell from the archives that has not happened yet (please correct me if I missed it). I do see several references to Python, which appears to be a scripting language. However, I am not a programmer of scripts, more of a "record a macro and then modify it" type.

Sorry for rambling on. I guess my question is this: If I move to Linux, will I be able to control Gnumeric with something like the macros I currently use in windows.



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