Re: where is gnumeric_regcomp_XL() or equivalent?

Le dimanche 13 mars 2005 à 22:54 -0600, Scott Cederberg a écrit :
In attempting to build Gnumeric from a recent anonymous CVS checkout,
I get an error for an undefined reference to gnumeric_regcomp_XL in
the file gnumeric/src/sheet-filter.c.  So far as I can tell this
function is not defined anywhere in the gnumeric or goffice sources.

The CVS history for the file goffice/goffice/utils/regutf8.c indicates
that the gnumeric_regcomp_XL function was removed from that file a
couple of days ago by mortenw, with the comment "gnumeric_regcomp_XL
went home".  I take this to mean it went back to gnumeric from
goffice, but I can't find it or get the code to build.

gnumeric_regcomp_XL is in gnumeric/src/gutils.[h,c]

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