"ssconvert --export-file-per-sheet --export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_csv", or better (?) "--export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_assistant" NEEDED!

I urgently need to find a way to export many MS Exel files grouped in
directories in plain text format.

I use gnumeric version '1.2.13' on Fedora Core 3.

ssconvert --export-file-per-sheet --export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_csv
should be O.K. but the option --export-file-per-sheet does not work, or
does not even exist in this version, or I am doing something wrong?

I am using: 
ssconvert --export-file-per-sheet --export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_csv 
./Oblasti_n/Blagoevgrad/BLAGOEVGRAD-DUPNITSA-11.xls  newdata.txt
and I get only the last sheet exported.

I need every sheet exported in a single file.

The separator used in the text files must be something different from
the default "," (coma), because there are comas in the values of the
cells, and I don`t want to lose the structure of the document.

What about "--export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_assistant"? It produces empty
files, I don`t know why. Are there any export flags available, e.g.
using different separator, line termination or encoding? (I know the man
page says "no export flags" for this version of ssconvert.)

Is there a newer and better version of ssconvert? Can I get it without
upgrading Gnumeric?

Any help is welcome!!!

Best Regards: Peter

Peter Kostov
Sofia, Bulgaria

Photography - www.light-bg.com
BusInfo - www.bus.light-bg.com

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