Re: HOWTO: Python Programming in Gnumeric

Dear Charles,
sorry for the late answer!
I have tried your suggestion, but it did not worked :(
ssconvert produces zero length files. I was using gnumeric version
'1.2.1-bonobo' on Fedora Core 1.
I decided to upgrade, but had troubles compiling the latest version of
gnumeric, because  of the need to update too many libraries.
Finally I backed up my files and installed Fedora Core 3!
Now it is working, but only the last sheet is exported :( Or may be the
previous sheets are overwriten? 
Now I use gnumeric 1.2.13 and don`t yet know if I can upgrade to the
latest gnumeric without problems. Is there a way to get the latest
version of ssconvert only? (or any version with working --export-file-
There is "Gnumeric_stf:stf_assistant | Text export (configurable)"
exporter which will be the best for me (because of the possibility to
tweak the separator - e.g. "!" instead of coma or tab...) but it seem
not to work :( - produces empty files.

Regards, Peter

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 09:09 +1100, Charles R. Twardy wrote:
Dear Peter,

There may be an easier way. Gnumeric comes with "ssconvert", a utility to 
convert spreadsheet formats. 

   ssconvert --export-file-per-sheet --export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_csv yourdata.xls  newdata.txt

In my copy, "export-file-per-sheet" does not work, but perhaps someone on 
the list (cc:) can tell you of progress there.

Clearly ssconvert is the tool you want. From file-per-sheet you could just 
join all the files with your "!" separator as necessary.

No worries about your English. 


pk>Hi mr. Twardy,
pk>my name is Peter Kostov. 
pk>I have read your "HOWTO: Python Programming in Gnumeric" and have and
pk>need help!
pk>I have build an informational site about the time-tables of the
pk>interurban buses in Bulgaria. Noone pays me for that, but I think it is
pk>worth doing it. With regard to this I have to export many MS Exel files
pk>in plain text format, every sheet as a separate file, with a separator
pk>It is of the first importance to me to find a way to do that
pk>automatically for all the .xls files in a given directory or I will have
pk>to close the site :(
pk>The problem is that I am not familiar with Python and have no time to
pk>learn it now in depth.
pk>I will be thankfull for your help!
pk>With kindest regards: Peter
pk>P.S. Excuse me for my bad english, please!

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