Re: advanced intra-cell formatting


you have incredibly big feet, metaphorically speaking.

Yes, Gnumeric has lots of modal dialogs, but no that is not a design flaw.
It was a deliberate and correct design decision given the choice between

1. A workable spreadsheet with lots of features and few crash-causing
2. A beautiful, buzz-word compliant GUI with few features and lots of
   crash-causing bugs.

See?  There is no choice of a buzz-word compliant GUI with all the
features.  In the real world -- the one with never enough time and
manpower -- that was simply never a choice.  And if we had gone
down path 2, you would have had a shiny GUI, probably abandonned
in the early gtk1 era.

Mind you, in due time we will make things non-modal.  It is however quite
difficult (unrelated to us having started out modally) and oversights cause
crashes more often than not.

Your repeated complaining over this (and other pet pieves from you) is
not helpful and has, in fact, just postponed it.  It is as-if you do not want
to understand the concept of limited resources.


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