Re: advanced intra-cell formatting

It is what I said in my e-mail: it is possible using the format toolbar,
but the advanced formattings are not available in that toolbar.

Some are available as keyboard shortcuts only.  We have too much stuff in the
toolbars as it is so we are unlikely to add more.


        { "FontStrikeThrough", GTK_STOCK_UNDERLINE,
                N_("_Strike Through"), "<control>5",
                N_("Strike Through"), G_CALLBACK (cb_font_strikethrough), FALSE },
#warning "Add double underline icon"
        { "FontDoubleUnderline", GTK_STOCK_UNDERLINE,
                N_("_Double Underline"), "<control><shift>d",
                N_("Double Underline"), G_CALLBACK (cb_font_double_underline), FALSE },

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