Re:ssconvert - from gnumeric-list Digest, Vol 14, Issue 26

I'd like to add to comments re: ssconvert.

I've found it useful for doing a number of things like converting between spreadsheet formats. Also in doing a large number of experiments on forecasting, I output 1 "row" of tab-delimited items per run to a file (I append to a text file, which is pretty easy in just about all applications), then use ssconvert to make an .xls file. (No flames please, my clients have clients who don't "get it" yet. Sigh.)

One complaint: I so far (in Win XP -- again, not by choice, as things run fine from wherever in Xandros Linux) seem to have to move files to the right C:\Program Files\gnumeric\bin\ directory before running ssconvert because otherwise it cannot find the appropriate dll's. Does anyone know if ssconvert could be recompiled to include all the dll stuff? Or some other mechanism so it is in the PATH appropriately and can be run from any location?

Cheers, JN
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