Re: user defined functions in Python

Hi Luiz,

The "Extending Python" chapter should cover this. It has a section with:

   1. Make the directories
         1. mkdir ~/.gnumeric
         2. mkdir ~/.gnumeric/<version>
   2. mkdir ~/.gnumeric/<version>/myfuncs/
   3. cd ~/.gnumeric/<version>/myfuncs/

Make the files

A spellbook has two files. The first is the python file with the 
functions. The second is the XML file "plugin.xml". The XML file holds 
that master spells that tell Gnumeric what functions we've defined, and 
what the name of the python file is, and one other important item. We'll 
create these as blank files.

   1. touch
   2. touch plugin.xml

l>Like normal user it was impossible because I canĀ“t include the path to the
l>files plugin.xml and on the window. 

What window?


Charles R. Twardy          
ctwardy alumni indiana edu 

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