Problems rendering without gnome activation


I have some extrange behaviour in gnumeric 1.5.1

If I launch gnumeric standalone without initialize gnome, I get wrong
size fonts displayed in the spreadshet.

But if I launch this:
--oaf-activate-iid=OAFIID:GNOME_SettingsDaemon --oaf-ior-fd=31
and then run gnumeric, things go nearly right(1)
Even if I kill gnome-settings-daemon and the run gnumeric, fonts are
right displayed.

This has begin with 1.4.0, but have not find the way to workaround until

Can someone point me to the way to get gnumeric running right

Thanks in advance

I say nearly as I see this:
type in A1= "1234567890 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890a" and in A2=
then autoresize A column and do a print preview. The last 0a in A column
is cutted.

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