Re: 'Production Ready'? Not Exactly

On 6/7/05, Jay H <jai_guevara yahoo com> wrote:
I think the suggestion about Bugzilla makes a point
about whether Gnumeric (and many other open source
apps) are "production ready". Real users don't have
time to help debug their productivity tools. It sort
of defeats the purpose.

Well, compare to Microsoft.  You call them and they will charge
you $whatever on your credit card before you even get to talk to
a human.  If the problem then turns out to be their fault they *might*
refund you that money.  Fixing issues could take decades or just
not happen at all.

In that light, I don't think bugzilla does too badly.

(A program that can take a positive number, square it, and end up with a
negative number, is that "production ready"?)

That being said, I have ongoing Gnumeric annoyances
that don't seem to be getting fixed as of 1.4.3. I
think it's partly because mundane features that would
be important to, say, an accountant, are boring to
computer science types.

Not unlikely -- people work on stuff that interests them.  But before we
can do that, we need know about the problems.  The more precise a
problem description, the more likely a fix.

Posting complaints on the mailing
list doesn't seem to get much attention

Right.  Mailing lists are really no good at issue tracking.  You could get
lucky, but bugzilla is really the way to go.


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