Re: 'Production Ready'? Not Exactly

I think the suggestion about Bugzilla makes a point
about whether Gnumeric (and many other open source
apps) are "production ready". Real users don't have
time to help debug their productivity tools. It sort
of defeats the purpose.

That being said, I have ongoing Gnumeric annoyances
that don't seem to be getting fixed as of 1.4.3. I
think it's partly because mundane features that would
be important to, say, an accountant, are boring to
computer science types.

I like Gnumeric various reasons, and would like it to
be more useable. Posting complaints on the mailing
list doesn't seem to get much attention, so maybe I
need to look into Bugzilla myself.

--- Morten Welinder <mwelinder gmail com> wrote:

It's hard to figure out exactly what is broken for
you.  If it is something
specific, you might want to file a detailed bug
report at

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