Re: "Fixing" a row in a sheet

Jean Bréfort wrote:

Le dimanche 30 janvier 2005 à 17:11 +0000, Marc a écrit :
Hi Gurus ;)

I have a user question - is it possible (and if yes, how?) to "fix" a
row (or a set of cells in 1 or more rows) in a sheet so when you
scroll down, it stays on the top of the screen? I'm looking for a
functionality like in M$ Excel..

I have a loooong table (lots of rows) - it's basically a "spending
sheet" where the columns are described in the first row. I'm seeking
something which will allow me to see the descriptions all the time
without scrolling up several pages... :(


It works just as XL, select View menu, Freeze Panes.

This should probably be a FAQ somewhere, or the little black blocks near the scroll bars (which most Excel users use to perform this action instead of the menu) should be added (which might not be feasible).

Just a suggestion.

Ryan Pavlik
"Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses."  --Confucius

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