A newbie asks about printing labels

I'm in a position of having to begin using gnumeric to handle the
membership of a large organization, with very little experience in
gnumeric and none at all in Excel.

I've entered much of the data, and know that eventually I'll need to
print labels from it. I don't use a word processor, but LaTeX (with
emacs under Debian sarge).

I'm told that gnumeric-->TeX is the conventional way of doing labels,
but I'm uncertain how to go about that. Can anyone point me to a
source of information or offer a little guidance?

And a newbie question about the suitability of my organization of data
in gnumeric for printing labels. I have put addresses in three
columns: a) a column, usually empty, but available for cases where
there might be either a c/o or a two-line street address, b) a street
address, and c) city-state-zip.

I apologize for a very elementary question, but does this organization
of address data seem wise in light of my intention eventually to print
labels from it? I'll want to avoid printing an empty line in cases
where column (a) above has no data, so that data in cols (b) and (c)
follow immediately after the recipient's name.

Haines Brown   

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