Re: Using Gnumeric 1.4 on RHEL for producing Excel Spreadsheets

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:58:58AM +0000, David J Craigon wrote:

Question/moan 1 is: What's the point of --without-gtk --without-gnome if 
I have to install most of the latest gnome anyhow?

--without-gtk : this is a work in progress.  It is nowhere near

--without-gnome : This strips off dependencies like libgnome*,
  libbonobo, and gconf.  We still need the gtk stack.
Question 2: Would I see the same improvements in Excel production if I 
used Gnumeric 1.2 with a newer version of libgsf?

unlikely.  The excel export changes were at two levels.  libgsf
fixed export to files > 13 meg in size.  Gnumeric-1.4 fixed the
modifier for various nodes in excel expressions.  I suspect the
latter is what you're looking for.   Additionally, chart export for
xls is 1.4 only.

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