Using Gnumeric 1.4 on RHEL for producing Excel Spreadsheets

Hi there,
I'm planning to use Gnumeric 1.4 for producing Excel spreadsheets as a part of a web application. In my experience Gnumeric 1.4 produces much better Excel spreadsheets than Gnumeric 1.2 (Excel opens them without complaining, missing data etc.). I only need ssconvert.

I've got the system working on my copy of Fedora 3, but I want to use Gnumeric on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3, which is what our server is running. This neccesitates going backwards in time with gnome quite a bit. Does anyone have any hints on how to get Gnumeric v1.4 to work on RHEL 3? Of particular interest to me is the --without-gnome, --without-gtk parts- for the web, I only need ssconvert. Unfortunately even using --without-gnome and --without-gtk, I still have lots of dependancies which means I have to install most of Gnome anyway.

Question/moan 1 is: What's the point of --without-gtk --without-gnome if I have to install most of the latest gnome anyhow?

Question 2: Would I see the same improvements in Excel production if I used Gnumeric 1.2 with a newer version of libgsf?

Hope you can help,

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