newbie struggling with advanced filter

I have a worksheet that has data A2:N1178, and I want to filter it to
create a new worksheet that has select columns from the original as
well as select rows based on a filter.

My first question is whether I necessarily must use an advanced
filter. The autofilter seems to have a maximum capacity of 150
rows, which is far too small for my purpose. Is this so?

So I use the Advanced Filter. In preparation, I type in a filter
criterion in cells I 1179 to I 1180. The first item is just a copy of
the column label; the second is a simple filter of the data in the I


In the Advanced Filter, I put:

   List range:     $A$2:$I$1178
   Criteria range: $I$1179:$II1180

This just gives me: "The Given Criteria are Invalid". So my question
is, why?

It seems odd to include a copy of the column label again here. Is that
required, or is the gnumeric Manual just elaborating an example? 

Can the criteria range refer to a single cell, such as $I$1180?

Is there a simpler or more intuitive way to feed to the Advanced
Filter a filter criterion?

I assume the List Range need not include entire spreadsheet.

Haines Brown

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