Re: newbie struggling with advanced filter

Haines Brown wrote:
I have a worksheet that has data A2:N1178, and I want to filter it to
create a new worksheet that has select columns from the original as
well as select rows based on a filter.

My first question is whether I necessarily must use an advanced
filter. The autofilter seems to have a maximum capacity of 150
rows, which is far too small for my purpose. Is this so?

What version of Gnumeric are you using? I'm running 1.6.1 and there isn't this limitation.

So I use the Advanced Filter. In preparation, I type in a filter
criterion in cells I 1179 to I 1180. The first item is just a copy of
the column label; the second is a simple filter of the data in the I

In the Advanced Filter, I put:

   List range:     $A$2:$I$1178
   Criteria range: $I$1179:$II1180

This just gives me: "The Given Criteria are Invalid". So my question
is, why?

I get that error if the column heading in the criteria field(s) don't match columns in the data fields. So I suggest you've check that you've typed 'exp.year' correctly and it matches one of the other columns.

It seems odd to include a copy of the column label again here. Is that
required, or is the gnumeric Manual just elaborating an example?
Can the criteria range refer to a single cell, such as $I$1180?

The column name is definitely needed - your data table has nine fields, so how is gnumeric supposed to know which field the criteria applies to without telling it the field name?

Is there a simpler or more intuitive way to feed to the Advanced
Filter a filter criterion?

The advanced filter stuff is fairly close to the way it's done in Excel. I agree that it isn't very intuitive, but I can't think of a better method.

I assume the List Range need not include entire spreadsheet.

No, you can set it to any range.


- olly

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