Re[2]: directly executable Gnumeric (was USB/CD version)

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005, "Andreas J. Guelzow" apparently wrote: 
Yes, I know that gnumeric is (unfortunately) also 
available for MS Windows. 

This is no misfortune.

1. It is the spread of free and open source software.  Most 
   people will not leave their inherited Windows/Excel 
   environment at all of course, but some who are not ready 
   to  jump to Linux are more than ready to support free and 
   open source software in more modest ways.
2. Good cross platform applications help commodify operating 
   systems, making migration across OSs much easier and 
   reinforcing the need for open standards.

Please don't disrespect those who made Gnumeric work under 
windows!  They have my thanks.

Alan Isaac

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