Gnumeric from USB key or mini-CD?

This message is both a query and a suggestion.

I am wondering if anyone has run Gnumeric from a USB key or from a CD. If so, under what platforms?

My feeling is that one of the biggest obstacles to the wider use and adoption of Gnumeric is that folk have to install it. If we had Gnumeric on a USB key and/or on a CD (mini CD with logo would be nice, or even full size Gnome tools), especially if major platforms were present, those of us who use it could run it when we need to, even as guests on other machines.

I'm not an expert compilation/configuration, but willing to work on this as I think the eventual payback would be large. I'm guessing that lots of folk would use Gnumeric / AbiWord etc. if they didn't have to install it. My own particular interest is when I need to run ssconvert somewhere to extract files from .xls.

Comments on feasibility and desirability welcome.


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