calculation issues with old gnumeric files

A heads-up for those using gnumeric 1.3.2 (I think I may have seen a warning on this from the developers so it's not a complete surprise).

I recently opened, using 1.3.2, a worksheet that I created about a year ago, with whichever version of gnumeric was then current. It looked fine at first, but then I noticed that some of the calculated results looked odd, and on close inspection they were quite wrong. Example: the formula "=sum(E2:E24)". When I re-entered the formula the result was corrected OK.

Further note: I just experimented some more: re-opened the sheet and the summations were wrong again. Did Recalculate and they're right. Save the sheet, close and re-open it. Summations wrong again!

Allin Cottrell

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