Re: ObjectHandler, QuantLibAddin, and QuEPs

Hi all

Jody Goldberg wrote:
I'm definitely already on some of the quantlib lists, possibly not
that one please add me.
I've added you and Eric to quantlib-dev

Gnumeric already has a significant set of financial analytics,
and I'd like to see that expanded to use quantlib.
this is great news.

IDL is a non-starter.  It is nowhere near reach enough to supply the
amount of documentation and detail to generate the code I'd like to
see.  A config_file and some sort of script, possibly in python
seems like a reasonable approach.  I've seen it used successfully in
things like pygtk and gtk#.
I definitively trust you on such an issue.

  By defining the api using a format we
control it's possible to get all the relevent information.
Something as simple as an xml based format would be fine.  The goal
is to provide things like
    - name
    - short func description
    - per argument name, description, type
    - Return type
    - long func description (algorithm, model, possible a url to
      more docs)
    - implementation status
    - testing status
    - version info (eg first created in QL v?)
    - Related functions
    - Possibly a ChangeLog ?
    - Translations ?
    - Keywords/Categories to classify function
    - Samples/Examples
    - Related functions
I agree with everything but translations. Not that we have to forbid them, but imho the financial community doesn't really need them.

Eric wrote:
I'll send more specific comments on Monday,
as well as a split QuEP11(/12?) and a draft
design for the automatic generation of code
I look forward to it.

ciao -- Nando

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