Re: ObjectHandler, QuantLibAddin, and QuEPs

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 06:18:49PM +0200, Ferdinando Ametrano wrote:

Are you > interested in joining the QuantLib-dev mailing list?
I'm definitely already on some of the quantlib lists, possibly not
that one please add me.

Do you plan to personally contribute to the Gnumeric version of
the QuantLibAddin?
yes.  Gnumeric already has a significant set of financial analytics,
and I'd like to see that expanded to use quantlib.
What do you think about the autogeneration of code described under
"Notes"?  Jody and I agree that autogeneration is the way forward, if
you agree I'll do a design doc for that.
I do agree that autogeneration is the way forward. I'm not sure 
Python+config_file is the best approach, but I'm not an expert. What about 
IDL definition and IDL compilers?

IDL is a non-starter.  It is nowhere near reach enough to supply the
amount of documentation and detail to generate the code I'd like to
see.  A config_file and some sort of script, possibly in python
seems like a reasonable approach.  I've seen it used successfully in
things like pygtk and gtk#.  By defining the api using a format we
control it's possible to get all the relevent information.
Something as simple as an xml based format would be fine.  The goal
is to provide things like
    - name
    - short func description
    - per argument name, description, type
    - Return type
    - long func description (algorithm, model, possible a url to
      more docs)
    - implementation status
    - testing status
    - version info (eg first created in QL v?)
    - Related functions
    - Possibly a ChangeLog ?
    - Translations ?
    - Keywords/Categories to classify function
    - Samples/Examples
    - Related functions

With that type of information a spreadsheet can provide a decent
interface for selecting a routine.  Gnumeric has on the order of
500+ functions right now.  That's everything in north american MS
Excel and 150 or extra.  Navigating through that is cumbersome.

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