Re: small question about division


I would start in an empty cell and enter the formula:
        B6 / 6.3248e6
Then select that cell and hit "Copy". Highlight it and the next 7 cells
down. (One way is to shift-arrow down 7 times.) Hit "Paste".

Select those 8 cells and the next 3 columns. Hit "Paste"

That should give you a new block of cells which is the old block, divided
by your constant. If you want, paste as values back into the original

B>enclose) the values of which (from B6-E13)
B>should all be divided by 6.3248 10^6.
B>How does one accomplish this ?

Charles R. Twardy          
Monash University          
Computer Sci. & Software Eng.        +61(3) 9905 5823 (w)  5146 (fax)

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