Re: patch for inserting raw latex command to gnumeric for exporting latex files

On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 12:14:53PM +0800, Shixin Zeng wrote:
Alan Horkan wrote:
On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Shixin Zeng wrote:
Alan Horkan wrote:

I had a very quick look at the patch and it mentions that the LaTeX is
included in the output with no escaping

Could the whole block by escaped using the XML tag for proccessing
instructions <? like these ?> as these are processing instructions if
I'm not mistaken or am I missing something?

Actually, I choose '\L{' and '}' as escaping string for no good reason,
and I didn't investigate into gnumeirc deeply, so I don't know which
tags should be more elegant for instructions processing for gnumeric.
you pointed out that <? and ?> are processing instructions, but whose
instructions? XML's or gnumeric? I don't know XML well either.

<? and ?> are XML all the way and not specific to Gnumeric
they are intended for embedding information to be processed later by
another application.

you might already have seen <?php  ?>

I cannot say for sure if this is a good idea, I'm hoping Jody or someone
else will know better.

It sounds a good idea, but I think I should wait for some time for 
further discussion before changing it. If nobody else gives a better 
solution, I'll take yours.

Using <? ?> is a nice thought, but doesn't seem useful in that
gnumeric would treat it as text, and escape it when exported to xml
as '&gt;?' which does not seem like an improvement.  In the short
term it seems best to use TeX-ish formulations.  Over time I'd like
to see gnumeric offer some sort of per cell/sheet/workbook/object
mechanism for user supplied data which might be useful here.
Howevr, that is a 2.x level feature.

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