Re: converting excel file to text file in unix

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 04:37:49PM +0800, Oh Edwin wrote:
I am currently using an unix environment. just to double confirm that
gnumeric can convert all my excel file (.xls) into text file(.txt)? my
job are for batch processing thus i hope it would be with least human
intervention. is it possible?

Yes.  Gnumeric includes 'ssconvert' a tool to convert any file-type
gnumeric can read into anything it can write.  It is not as
configurable as I'd like (there are no command line flags for the
importers/exporters) but it does come with some standard types, and
you can easily add more.

With 1.4.x we also include an ssindex application for use by beagle
that pulls out indexable data out of spreadsheets.

is there any other tools currently on the market that are able to do that?

I recall seeing some online services that will do it for approx 1
USD per file.

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