Re: libgsf 1.9.0

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 09:24:04AM -0400, G. Scott Lett wrote:
This library looks like a real gem, and I can see that it would be
useful to the broad community.  Here are a few newbie questions:
1) Can you point to a web url that has more information, downloads, etc?
3) Is there documentation?
It's taken a while to get the gtk-doc build cleaned up and onto the
server but

now has the current documentation build.  We've tried to ensure that
every method is documented, but looking at the web things look
sparse.  Clearly we need to be a tad more verbose.  However, there
are lots of examples available in the tests directory or with
applications like gnumeric.

downloads are in the standard place on

2) Does this library have many dependencies with other libraries?
- glib
- libxml
- zlib

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