Gnumeric 1.2.12

Gnumeric 1.2.12 aka 'Its about time' is now available.

    This is a high priority release.  There are several important bug fixes
    for xls export to keep MS Excel from crashing on the files we generated.
    Additionally we are now recommending that distributions build
    --without-bonobo to work around a late breaking bug in libbonoboui that
    disables the help system.

    This release also enables gnome-vfs support in the non-bonobo
    case, however it does require a undated version of libgsf 1.9.0
    for gnome-vfs to work.

    New development is continuing in HEAD based gtk-2.4

    NOTE : release 1.2.9 accidentally broke the duration functions
    NOTE : release 1.2.10 accidentally disabled db plugin
    NOTE : an important bug came in just after 1.2.11 was released

Gnumeric 1.2.12
        * Render background for charts (not just graphs)
        * Import chart outlines properly
        * Honour col/row visibility when exporting borders to latex
        * xls export rows even if they only have visible formating
        * Ensure we apply styles before rendering autofill content
        * Backport a huge performance improvement when scrolling images
        * Fix font handling in chart labels and titles
        * Fix crash when undoing a cut from a different workbook
        * Fix validation crash due to excel import.
        * Fix custom validation export.
        * Fix crash xls export of empty input msgs
        * Enable gnome-vfs load/save even for non-bonobo build
        * Recommend building --without-bonobo to ensure that help works

Gnumeric 1.2.11

        * Suppress warnings when loading XL95 files with charts that were
          saved by newer version of MS Excel.
        * Make in sheet edit item cursors blink more smoothly when moving
        * Fix change in 1.2.9 that broke the db functions
        * Fix xls import for polygon names
        * Force redraw on vertical alignment change

Miloslav Trmac:
        * honour DESTDIR in doc build when packaging

Gnumeric 1.2.10

        * Revert incomplete patch to duration functions that disabled them.

Gnumeric 1.2.9

        * Minor fix for xls import of cursor position with frozen panes
        * Fix Excel warning about our exported h/v only frozen panes
        * Fix Excel crash on our exported named expressions with no addins
        * For immediate rerender, even for simple font changes.
        * Direct editing of spinbutton in text importer, and cell format
        * handle insufficient data in moving average tool
        * Enable clicking in the sheet edit item.
        * Restore printing for diagonal borders
        * Fix redraw for hashed (####) values
        * Fix redraw for alignment changes in spans
        * Overlay value_fmts on xls export because XL does not support them
        * Portability enhancements for hpux/irix

        * Fix crash related to database functions
        * Fix [h]:mm precision

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