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On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Chris Dunn < wrote:

|- I love Gnumeric but my inability to format and print stuff is stopping
|- me from using it for all purposes at present.
|- ...

This comment provides me with an excuse to share with the list my
similar experience and a workaround.

Some software I wanted to install claimed to need a more recent
version of the freetype library than was included in my SuSE 8.0
system, so I upgraded the library.

Immediately after this, any attempt to print from gnumeric gave a
segmentation error.  I probably could remedy this by recompiling (or
upgrading) gnome-print -- which I will do at some point, but only when
I can afford to be without a working version of gnumeric if something
goes wrong.

My solution was to generate the TeX instructions for what I wanted to
print in a column of the spreadsheet and copy it into an editor.  Any
additional mark-up for headers or other standard features could be
added before typesetting.  Now, I don't mind not being able to print
from the spreadsheet.  There always was some conflict between the
formatting that was best for the screen and what was desired for
printing, but I can now concentrate on the screen presentation.  It is
much easier to customize the printing as a separate process.

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