RE: printing woes

Chris and others:

 Check and see if the Canon printer is fully supported. I have a Canon
printer and I get similar quirks with other apps.  See Linux Printing
Check this page here
To see how well your Canon printer is supported.

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Subject: printing woes

I love Gnumeric but my inability to format and print stuff is stopping
me from using it for all purposes at present.

Using :
Turboprint driver with a cheap inkjet Canon printer.

1. # signs where cell contents are not fitting within a column width.
The date is a good example, and this problem seems somewhat random.
'26-Sep-03' prints but '23-Sep-03' prints as # signs. The entries appear
OK in the spreadsheet display and the problem only occurs in "print
preview" and in printing. "print preview" is consistent with the

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