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2. Printed text is truncated at the boundary (boundary not
printed) of a column instead of continuing into the next (empty
column). This too seems arbitrary in that some text prints
across the border, other text doesn't.
This is usually a result of the content of the cell overprinted
(the cell must be completely empty to be overprinted) and the way
the content of the current cell was created. Strings will try to
overprint the next cell, function results will not.

Truncation of text strings is a major show stopper.

I know that there are/may be some problems with the printing of text,
but I don't quite yet understand yours. Do you see text strings that
overflow into the next cell on screen but not in print? Or are there
text strings on screen that should overflow but aren't? Does the next
cell seem empty?

You may want to send us/me a small sample file with the issues and/or
post a bug report or enhancement request against gnumeric at 

We won't be able to correct any problems until we understand them. The
problems I know about only occurred under strange circumstances or
less common scripts.

Attached are 2 small sheets which should demonstrate the problem.

The file bill2.gnumeric is the result of opening an OpenOffice .sxc file
in AbiWord. The raw data is there, but a lot of the formatting is lost,
and various cells are relocated from their original positions. Running a
print preview on this (unedited) file shows truncated text at, for
instance cells B1, B5, A12, A14, C31, and others.

The file bill.gnumeric had the original OpenOffice formatting reinstated
in the new Gnumeric sheet (bill2), and the file was then saved under the
new name. All columns were widened after your advice yesterday, and this
resolved the date printing issue, but does not seem to have assisted
with the text truncation. Although it should be noted that the text
truncated is now in different locations to that in "bill2". For instance
cell B2 is now truncated where it was not in the previous sheet. 

The font was changed from "Sans" in the imported sheet "bill2" to
"Arial" in "bill". I'm not sure how far this is significant.

Thanks for your interest and patience.

Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow taliesin ca>

Chris Dunn
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